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Sun Defend & Restore SPF 45+
a very lightweight, oil free sunscreen to aid in preventing and reversing external and chronological damage to the skin


Key Ingredients

  • 9.0% micronized zinc oxide (25 nanometers in size) with an extremely narrow particle size distribution to provide excellent transparency, high UVA/UVB protection, and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection

  • 7.5% Octinoxate (OMC) oil soluble chemical sunscreen agent that absorbs UVB radiation. It is the most widely used UVB blocking agent in the skincare industry.

  • 2% Phytosan K is an organic ingredient derived from soy bean extract that helps prevent photo-aging by aiding in boosting the skin’s natural resistance to UV rays and “managing” the cells’ DNA. It stimulates proteins that tell skin cells to repair DNA damage, but if the skin cannot repair the damage then the cells are stimulated to die, so that these damaged cells, which can lead to skin diseases and cancer, are not allowed to divide and grow as damaged skin cells. It also aids the skin in counteracting the biological signs of aging by stimulating collagen production thereby improving the appearance of skin firmness, smoothness, and the depth of wrinkles.

  • 2% Gatuline Age Defense 2 is an organic EcoCertified ingredient derived from green walnuts from trees overlooking the Alps that aids the skin’s cutaneous cells to organize their own defenses against the extrinsic and chronological signs of aging. Manufacturer’s studies on this ingredient have shown that, at lower concentrations than in our product, it protects against oxidative stress, UVB-induced programmed cell death, and skin erythema or irritation. A further study showed that it was significantly more efficacious than Vitamin C in improved protein synthesis. It was also shown to prevent elastin fibers from degrading thereby keeping the skin firmer. Basically, the ingredient aids in boosting cell metabolism thereby slowing down the aging process of the cell, while also allowing the cell to work more effectively and efficiently.

  • 2% Gatuline Skin Repair Bio is an organic EcoCertified ingredient derived from cotton thistle that aids in restructuring and repairing the epidermal layer of the skin by stimulating the skin’s ability to repair itself. Manufacturer’s studies were conducted on skin tissue where the stratum corneum layer was stripped away and the skin was exposed to high levels of UVB radiation to simulate burned skin. Applications of this ingredient improved skin regeneration and repair even in burned skin, and improved cellular cohesion resulting in better skin barrier function. Another study showed that the dermal regeneration resulted in increased collagen production and hence improvement in the appearance of wrinkle depth and firmness.

  • Elefac I-205 is an emollient and moisturizer clinically proven to boost UVB protection in high SPF products that aids in spreading the product and moisture retention.

  • Hyaluronic Acid is known for its ability to bind moisture, holding 1,000 times its weight in water.






Paraben, Sulfate, Oil and Fragrance Free

Ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin

Simple, Serious, Scientific Skincare for Men & Women