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A light-weight moisturizing and firming gel applied in the morning


Key Ingredients

  • DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol). Naturally occurring in the body, with topical application studies showing an anti-inflammatory effect and a documented increase in skin firmness.

  • Hyaluronic Acid. Forms a moisture retaining film on the skin, holding 1,000 times its weight in water.

  • Aloe Vera, Echinacea & Cucumber. Skin balancing botanicals with anti-inflammatory and skin softening properties.

  • Vitamins A, B5, C & E. Provide anti-oxidant and anti-irritant benefits while moisturizing, healing and inhibiting UVA & UVB radiation.

  • Gylcolic Acid. Derived from sugar cane, exfoliates top layers of skin.

  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein. Derived from wheat, it is a natural moisturizing factor to keep the skin hydrated.

  • Silk amino acid. A silk derivative with excellent moisture binding properties, comparing favorably with such conventional humectants as glycerin.

  • Methyl Gluceth 20. Produced from glucose (corn), is a natural component of the stratum corneum layers of skin, and binds water to condition and hydrate the skin.

  • Sodium PCA. Occurs naturally in human skin and is responsible for binding moisture to the cells and acts as a stronger hydrating agent than the traditional compounds used for this purpose, such as glycerine.






Paraben free and ideal for all skin types.

Simple, Serious, Scientific Skincare for Men & Women